Education for All

Education is as important as Food. It builds a person to lead his life of its own. Thus education is the fundamental rights of people of the country. The main obstacle to the literacy is the poverty. People busy in arranging livelihood engage their children in earning, instead of sending them to school. Education cannot be taken in empty stomach and without the appetite to get enlightened through education. How to do it?

Education should reach people packaged through food. The relief funds that reach to the people as aid should reach them at the cost of their time for education. Here technology can be deployed to form virtual schools at their workplace.

Impetus for education can only be grown when education can provide jobs for them. Everyone likes to earn their own livelihood. Hence technical education along with basic literacy should be the part of the e-courses. The next step question arrives, who will provide jobs for them? It is the responsibility of the aid provider to create initial jobs for the pupil at the hermitage. The jobs will be like practical training sessions to organize them to form local business units to make themselves self dependent.

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