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“Agricultural e-Portal System” is an in-house product focusing on Rural business communication. The portal can be a watchdog for the Government to observe the progress of Agriculture at different administrative and temporal dimensions. Presently the System is equipped with following features:

  1. User Specific Login
  2. Data Upload (specific to administrative and period level)
  3. Database creation
  4. Formulation of Key Performance Indicators and dashboards
  5. Report Generation
  6. Report Extraction at MS Word, Excel & PDF formats
  7. Availability of the e-Portal across the world

Future Watch points:

  1. Customized Statistical Analysis
  2. e-Consultant (Decision Support System)
  3. Forecasting
  4. Space services in Agriculture

Target Audience: Government & Cooperatives

Replication: Yes the concept can be replicated to other business houses like FMCG, Medical and Construction.

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